Why is My Female Cat Spraying All of a Sudden?

Cat Ready to Pounce

Due to hormonal triggers, un-neutered male cats spray urine on anything they come in contact with in order to mark their territory.

However, it comes as a surprise to many pet owners when their neutered male cats or female cats (un-spayed or spayed) begin to exhibit similar behaviors.

Why do female cats and neutered male cats spray urine? This type of spraying is not associated with territorial behavior, but rather it is associated with reasons ranging from litter box issues to underlying medical conditions such as anxiety.

If your cat sprays, it’s important to visit your vet to ensure that there is no underlying medical problem.

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Can You Become Allergic to Cats If You Weren’t Before

allergic to cats

Your body fights diseases with the help of your immune system. The immune system produces antibodies that fight the foreign substances present in your system and eliminates them.

When your immune system overreacts to stimuli even though it is completely harmless, you tend to have an allergy. When you have an allergy, your body recognizes a harmless substance as a harmful one and stars producing antibodies.

Among many allergies, pet allergies are a common occurrence. People often tend to develop allergies towards dogs and cats.

Allergic symptoms range from mild to life-threatening cases as well. Sometimes, people who have not shown any symptoms of cat allergies might suddenly develop allergies all of a sudden. To understand why people become allergic to cats, read on and find out more.

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When Will the Cat Allergy Vaccine Be Available?

baby boy at vaccination

Cat allergies affect many people. Sometimes the people the allergy harms want a cat, so a large inconvenience is made.

Sometimes the people the allergy harms come into contact with a cat or its hair without knowing about it. For those people, a potentially harmful situation has been created.

Since the allergy has such a wide reach, allergists, a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating allergies, have been on the hunt for some way to prevent the allergy altogether.

Most research has pointed to this being some type of injection. So far, research has pointed to Cat-SPIRE, a treatment from Circassia.

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Can You Get Hives from Being Allergic to Cats?

cat inside a box

Allergies are nothing but your body’s reaction to stimuli. Whenever your body feels that a particular element is a danger to you, it launches an attack to battle that element.

Your immune system is the one that triggers these attacks. The immune system works by recognizing any foreign bodies and neutralizing them.

For recognizing these foreign bodies, your immune system follows a pretty sophisticated process. During this process, once your body perceives any material as a foreign body, it starts launching attacks to neutralize those effects.

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Health Effects of Breathing Cat Urine and Feces

Cat in the toilet

Do you or one or someone who lives in your home always cough, sneeze, or get itchy, watery eyes while near the cat litter box?

If so, you should know that there are allergens in cat urine that trigger these reactions. Since you likely don’t want to give away your furry family member(s), you can take some steps to protect yourself and your family from cat urine allergens.

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Cat Allergies In Infants

Baby and cat sleeping together

Cats are very lovable so it is understandable that many people would love to have them as pets. However, many people are also allergic to cats. Cat dander can make people get hives, sneeze and even cause severe allergic reactions to those who have weak immunities.

As such, having cats is a legitimate concern, especially for would-be-parents and those who have small kids. Are cats dangerous to babies and small kids? You will be surprised at what medical and scientific studies have revealed.

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Can Dogs Be Allergic To Cat Dander?

German Shepherd Dog and cat together

We share some biological attributes with our pet dogs. Unfortunately, one of the things we share with them is that of being allergic to cats. Therefore, the answer to the above question is a resounding yes. In fact, a lot of dogs are susceptible to cat allergies.

Common literature has pictured the relationship of cats and dogs as adversarial. This stereotype image has been stamped in people’s minds long ago. There may be some truth in this if you will consider that dogs don’t want cats because of the felines’ dander although they may not be aware of it.

Dogs can get sick because of the dander that is generated by cats. While your dog maybe friendly with your cat, please understand that there is a possibility that your dog will get under the weather if it stays with the cat more than it should.

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Siamese Cats and Allergies

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are among the breeds sometimes described as hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic breed is less likely to trigger allergic reactions than one that isn’t; hypoallergenic means “less allergenic.”

It does not, however, mean non-allergenic. A hypoallergenic animal or product has fewer allergens than a regular animal or product, but it still has some allergens.

In other words, there is no guarantee that a Siamese won’t trigger your allergies, it’s just less likely to do so.

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